Travel to the Blue Lakes

Travel to the Blue Lakes

A walk across the magnificent landscape natural park will take you to the three lakes of different colors, from bright blue to almost purple, located in a picturesque valley at 600 meters above sea level. During late June and July, blooming rare subalpine flowers cover the mountain tundra. Many of the flowers are on the list of endangered species. The road to this place goes along the stream, which flows from the river and runs down the cliff, forming cascading waterfalls on small fountains on its way. During this trip, you will be able to fully enjoy the majestic beauty of Kamchatka's most memorable spots!



Dates: Июнь-сентябрь. Ежедневно, по заявке
Cost (4–20 people): 10,000 ₽

Tour route: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky – Yelizovo – Moroznaya – Blue Lakes – Moroznaya – Yelizovo – Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
Route length: 30 km. Moroznaya – Yelizovo: 8 km; Moroznaya – Blue Lakes: 15 km. Tour duration: 1–2 days.

The trip starts near Yelizovo, at the foot of the Moroznaya mountain. The route passes along the right bank of the Polovinka river.  At 7 km up the river, there is a campsite equipped for tourists. Then, the path ascends gradually and in the end approaches a rather steep climb which will take us to the Blue Lakes.
 After enjoying the view of the Lakes, we will ascend up the ridge to explore the ice peaks of Vachkazhets mountain, the lakes in the valleys of Levaya Bystraya and Gavanka rivers. Then the group takes the same route back to the camp and returns to the foot of Moroznaya mountain.
Notes: Experienced drivers and guides work on every route. Due to external circumstances (inclement weather, recommendations of EMERCOM, danger to the life and health of tourists, etc.) the guide is authorized to make necessary changes to the direction and schedule of the tour. All tourists must follow the safety precautions and their instructor's orders. In this case, the already covered portion of the route is considered completed.
The route as well as the day and time of its start might be subject to changes due to weather.


Travel to the Blue Lakes

Travel to the Blue Lakes

Travel to the Blue Lakes

Note: experienced driver and guides work on the route. Depending on objective reasons (bad weather, Ministry of Emergency Situation recommendations, any threat to life and health of tourists and so on.), guide has the right to change the direction of the route and schedule. In this case, made part of the route is considered to be done. Tourists are to follow safety devices and instructor’s commands.

The route, date and time of departure can be changed according to weather conditions.

Essential equipment:

• sports footwear with ribbed soles (preferably hiking boots);
• sports clothes;
• warm fleece jacket (according to weather conditions);
• headwear;
• sunglasses;
• sunscreen;
• a backpack for personal belongings;
• insect repellents.

The trip is not recommended for persons in need of serious treatment or continuous medical supervision.
Sometimes groups can come across bears on the route.
Prices are subject to change.


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