Tour “To Gorely volcano”

Tour “To Gorely volcano”

Type of travel: car and walking
Duration: 1 day
Route: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky – Gorely volcano – Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
Car portion of the route – 110 km (3 hours).
Ascent – 3 hours
Descent – 3 hours
Elevation – 900 m.


Dates: July – September Every day, on request
Cost (4–20 people): 12,000 ₽

Left the city, we will go on the asphalt road, then, let pressure out in the wheels, go on the gravel road. First stop will give us a chance to observe Vilyuchinsky volcano on the one hand and Vilyuchinsky waterfall on the other hand. Its height is 60m.

If it is not foggy, you will remember everything you see here for a long time!!! You will enjoy extraordinary beauty of vicinity. Constantly changing landscapes will amaze even the most experienced travelers. After going up by car on a serpentine road, you will reach Vilyuchinsky pass and you find yourself over the clouds! You will have a feeling that the world is under your feet!

Tour “To Gorely volcano”

Then you will see covered with snow-white caps volcanoes, endless fields of golden or fuchsia rhododendron (depending on the date of the tour). 

Tour “To Gorely volcano”

   Turned to the right, the way will go through black volcanic ash fields among piles of rocks, like it is a carpet, put by volcano in advance its guests! We will stop for sure to take pictures of this extraterrestrial scenery!

Tour “To Gorely volcano”

 Gorely volcano is an outstanding geological object of our planet. It is an active volcano!

Tour “To Gorely volcano”

  There are 11 craters “strung” one after another on the top of volcano. They are filled with acid lakes and fumaroles. There is a great number of side vents with lava flows, its length is about three km over the range. It is the same range we are ascending.

Tour “To Gorely volcano”

Tour “To Gorely volcano”

Lakes and glaciers, some of which is filled with amazing blue or azure acid, others are filled with fresh water. Once Gorely volcano was highly active, its magma chamber became absolutely empty. It was the reason why plateau collapsed into the cavity. That is how this volcanic caldera was formed. 

Tour “To Gorely volcano”

 You will not be indifferent to severe beauty of once majestic volcano. A feeling of eternal, infinite wisdom of nature – it is the feeling that stays inside you for a long time!




 experienced driver and guides work on the route. Depending on objective reasons (bad weather, Ministry of Emergency Situation recommendations, any threat to life and health of tourists and so on.), guide has the right to change the direction of the route and schedule. In this case, made part of the route is considered to be done. Tourists are to follow safety devices and instructor’s commands.


Necessary equipment:
• sports shoes with ribbed soles (trekking shoes are recommended);
• sportswear;
• warm fleece jacket (depending on weather conditions);
• cap
• sunglasses;
• sunscreen;
• bathing accessories;
• backpack for personal belongings
• repellents


The route, date and time of departure can be changed according to weather conditions.

It is not recommended to travel on this route people, who need treatment and constant medical supervision.


Changes of prices are possible


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