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Tour «Ascending to Avachinsky volcano»Tour «Ascending to Avachinsky volcano»

«I've done it!» - you will say at the top of Avachinsky volcano! We have no doubt that you reach the summit, if you show determination, willpower and patience. If the weathe is good, almost everybody is able to ascend. As it said «If only you have a wish!» Covering 7-8 hours long ascending, having a strong wish to go back at least several times, having passed half of the way and realizing that it's nonsense to return, you will will yourself to go ahead and react the top! You will stretch out your hands, look around, take breath, feel your heart beating and realize that only such overcoming can show you yourself in a brand new vision. There is no obstacles, which you can not overcome! This day can change your attitude to life and Life will definitelychange its attitudeto you! Nature loves winners and you will be a winner, conquered the volcano!

Dates: June-September. Every day, on request

Cost (5–25 people): 10,000 ₽

Tour “To Mutnovsky volcano crater”. Waterfall of Opasny (dangerous) canyon.Tour “To Mutnovsky volcano crater”. Waterfall of Opasny (dangerous) canyon.

We invite you to the trip to another planet! There are oxygen rivers, concentrating iron and aluminum, rocks near the fumaroles with crystallized sulfur on them, places with deposits of zinc ore, lead, arsenic, mercury, boiling mud cauldrons on this planet! You will be amazed with fumaroles, containing water vapor, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide gases, which have changed the rocks so much, that you hardly can recognize them. Now these rocks have fantastic colors. All this seems like a giant retort, inside which different components are mixing, heating according to mysterious rules of nature and Life itself is forming.

Dates: July – September

Cost (4–24 people): 15,000 ₽

Tour “Mini Valley of Geysers” (Dachnye springs). Waterfall “Vironika’s hair”Tour “Mini Valley of Geysers” (Dachnye springs). Waterfall “Vironika’s hair”

This excursion will bring you back for millions years ago! To the times when our Earth had been just born and everything was boiling and steaming, raging, giving the live and death at the same time. It will be possible to feel the Earth warm with your feet, to observe steam and gas jets and melting snowdrift cold jet unique merger. You will never forget these impressions and definitely want to come back.

Dates: June-September. Every day, on request

Cost (4–20 people): 10,000 ₽

Tour “To Gorely volcano”Tour “To Gorely volcano”

The way will lead through black volcanic ash fields among piles of rocks, like it is a carpet, put by volcano in advance its guests! You will not be indifferent to severe beauty of once majestic volcano. A feeling of eternal, infinite wisdom of nature – it is the feeling that stays inside you for a long time!

Dates: July – September Every day, on request

Cost (4–20 people): 12,000 ₽

Подножие Козельского вулкана + побережье Тихого океанаПодножие Козельского вулкана + побережье Тихого океана

Козельский (2190м) – потухший, сильно разрушенный вулкан с крупным взрывным кратером, из которого спускается небольшой ледник.

Dates: Июль-сентябрь. Ежедневно, по заявке

Cost (4–24 people): 8,500 ₽

Подножие Авачинского вулкана. Экструзия Верблюд.Подножие Авачинского вулкана. Экструзия Верблюд.

Подножие Авачинского вулкана. Экструзия Верблюд – Памятник природы, Расположен на перевале между вулканами Авачинский и Корякский (другое название - Скала Двугорбая). Высота над уровнем моря 1200 м.

Dates: Круглогодично

Cost (4–24 people): 8,000 ₽

Горный массив Вачкажец. Зеленовские озеркиГорный массив Вачкажец. Зеленовские озерки

Горный массив Вачкажец - ( 1556 м). Вачкажец — древний вулкан, разделённый в результате сильного извержения на три основные чётко выраженные части: г. Летняя Поперечная 1417 м, г. Вачкажцы 1500 м и сам Вачкажец.

Dates: Июнь-сентябрь.

Cost (4–24 people): 10,000 ₽

Tour “To Gorely volcano lava caves”Tour “To Gorely volcano lava caves”

It was so much lava during Gorely volcano eruptions, that it flowed outside the caldera. That is how these phantasmagoric caves, hidden among the harden lava flows, were formed. They look like ice-cream rolled with scraper or frozen fantastic figures.

Dates: June-September. Every day, on request

Cost (4–24 people): 12,000 ₽